Here is the Bae The Label search story:

Bae’s overall business goal was to drive awareness and sessions to the site from PPC, whilst increasing ROAS across SEM and social campaigns. They also wanted to have top-of-page search visibility in Australia and expand the brand into the New Zealand market.

The main challenge for Bae was that they wanted to be competitive in-market against large brands, whilst maintaining a good ROAS.

By increasing brand awareness through an omnichannel approach, reaching top of page for generic search through unique keyword targeting solutions, creating an amazing PMAX ROAS segmentation strategy, and successfully breaking into the New Zealand market by combining social and SEM channel strategies. Thoughtful increased conversion rates and ROAS across campaigns.

At Thoughtful we strive to create a very thoughtful approach to our work with all clients and we’re thrilled to be recognised internationally for this.

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