Thoughtful Minds Connect ignites the energy of our community, offering a place to detach from the digital realm and forge profound bonds among fellow thought leaders. This year, the electrifying essence of Thoughtful Minds Connect pulsated through the walls of Restaurant Hubert.

We kicked off the day with a powerhouse brand founders lunch, setting the stage for four electrifying panels and an awe-inspiring keynote from the legendary Dr. Jemma King. Minds were ignited, perspectives shifted, and connections deepened in an epic symphony of thought.



Darren Todd

Director of Perform Retail

Be really clear about your brand, your proposition and your community and be consistent about your execution. This is what really sets the stronger performing DTC brands apart from the rest.

Brian Kenny

Funding Manager Wayflyer

We’ve noticed three main reasons for the shift to omnichannel growth: #1 Customers just want to shop in-store a lot more; #2 The cost of acquiring a customer has risen; #3 Having the certainty around future revenue even if the revenue is going to come at a lower net margin, for example, having bigger wholesale contracts that are a lot more stable.

Ian Murphy

Digital Strategy Director

Strategic forward planning, grounded in an understanding of revenue targets for online sales, is paramount for success during peak sales periods such as the holiday season. By establishing forecasts based on both past performance and future projections, you gain valuable insights into the necessary investment levels required to meet revenue targets effectively. It’s essential to anticipate and plan around these fluctuations in the cost of advertising as well as capitalise on lower costs in the months prior. Leverage moments with lower CPMs to strategically build databases via lead generation campaigns in readiness to engage customers via owned channels such as email during peak moments when competition soars.

Lucinda Bauer

Agency Partner at Meta

Your approach to buying in Australia needs to be different than in the US, particularly if it’s a new market. I think you really have to build the trust, the authenticity, the connection with the users you’re going to be speaking to for a full funnel approach. Additionally, they are two quite different cohorts, in the States you have much more proactive buying, whereas in Australia we are such reactive shoppers. In terms of trends between the two markets, seasonality is a huge thing to keep in mind; please remember to diversify your creative when you’re speaking to two different cohorts.

Jemma King

Emotional intelligence & Performance Under Stress Expert

When you’re stressed you just want to revert back to what you know is true. You become quite risk adverse and novel and new things are a bit too dangerous – you want to stay with the status quo. You also tend to reduce your collaboration.

Jaynee Wehbe

Creative Director Triangl

An initiative of Triangl’s is to have more consistent campaign shoots, so you’ll find we have fresh content every 3 weeks, and this is important to ensure there is no consumer or advertising fatigue, which keeps our audience super engaged.

Stewart Smith

Managing Director Global-E

Shopper behaviours in different markets, they all expect something different, and shoppers overseas want different options because they pay in different ways. So you want to localise the shopping experience to find the sweet spot to convert your customer in each market.

Jade Mcdade

Director APAC Skimlinks

The marketing funnel is not linear, it’s a spiral and you don’t know what’s going to convert you and tip you over the edge, so as a brand you need to be everywhere, and affiliate marketing being one of those channels too.

Jeremy Singh

Senior Partner Manager Klaviyo

You know your consumers and you know those personas of who likes to buy your brands, so take that experience and apply it through the technology. Klaviyo is a very flexible tool that will allow you to get down to very specific parts of your customer base and communicate with them. So plan that experience out as if through the eyes of the customer; if they purchase a certain type of product, make sure you’re putting that type of product in front of them. Show them the right information at the right time.

Anthony Capano

Amplified Intelligence & The Thoughtful Agency Advisor

These are some of the biggest brands in the country, and if you go on their sites, all you’re doing is shopping. What a phenomenal place to be if you’re a brand. Now, you need to be brand sensitive, you need to be conscious of the strategies you’re deploying, but, the major brands globally are using it, and it’s one of the best channels out there.

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