Case Study: Bond-Eye


A long-time client, the bond-eye group engaged Thoughtful in 2019 to audit and refine the industry identity of their most well-known brand. Thoughtful supported the team in developing a functional and best practice marketing department to grow and execute all brand ID work.

The first 3 months involved creating workflow processes; building the internal team’s structure to support successful implementation of the refined brand direction. Since April 2020, the agency’s full integration in brand and creative direction (plus digital performance marketing) has netted incredible results: 1000% e-commerce growth YOY for May 2020.

Thoughtful’s support in driving the brand forward has ranged from concept development and rollout, art direction/content creation, copywriting, promotional planning and customer research - together culminating in the launch of the brand’s new website. The new brand direction has been further amplified by Thoughtful’s performance marketing team across paid social advertising, google advertising, Tik Tok advertising and email marketing.