Shopify Plus Benefits

Shopify Plus

Dubbed by Shopify as “the only cost-effective enterprise platform that’s built for change”, we’ve put together some information about the benefits of Shopify Plus.

The benefits of Shopify Plus

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an enterprise e-commerce platform for brands looking to scale. It’s a hosted platform which provides an e-comm server and software as one package.

The included customised server ensures the Ksubi team don’t have to manage technical back end aspects of installing servers, fixing bugs on sites and running back end updates every few years.

A key advantage of Shopify Plus is its capability to deliver up to 10 geo targeted stores facilitating sales in local currency.

Advantages for Brands

  • Lower ongoing web development costs
  • Ease of use
    1. 80% of Shopify tasks are manageable with basic knowledge
    2. Internal staff upskilled to upload new collections, banners and launch promotions and voucher codes
  • Shifts focus to sales / planning – Brand internal team can focus on driving customer and mobile shopping experience
  • Shopify Plus Priority 24/7 support offered
  • Shopify Plus capacity for 10 Geo Targeted stores (.com,,, etc)

Shopify Plus Platform Fee Structure

  • Minimum fee is $2,000 USD per month
  • Once your monthly sales exceed $800k per month, the fee turns into a revenue based model, 0.25 % of your monthly revenue which is e.g. $1 million sales per month is $2,500 USD per month

Shopify Payments / Credit Card Processing Fees

  • Shopify payments (backed by Stripe)
  • Using Shopify payments Ksubi won’t need a payment gateway
  • 0% transactions fees
  • Lower credit card rates. Domestic: 1.75% + 30c (Basic), 1.6% +30c (Pro), 1.4% + 30c (Unlimited)
  • International & Amex: 2.9% + 30c (Basic), 2.8% + 30c (Pro), 2.7% +30c (Unlimited)

The Thoughtful Agency is a Shopify Plus Partner