Our latest event hosted with our partners at Global-e, “Thoughtful About E-commerce Growth”, was held at the exclusive Society Private Dining in Melbourne and dove into industry expertise around creating brand demand for global e-commerce growth and maximising demand.

Sponsored alongside Klaviyo and DHL, we had some of the biggest industry experts and brands in attendance. Speaking at our first panel were Joanna Millhouse: Head of Digital & Brand at Kookai, Partner Success Manager for Klaviyo APAC: Rodrigo da Silva, Cormack O’Connor: Global Digital Marketing Manager at Three By One, and Thoughtful’s very own: Strategy Lead, Emily Savage and Chief Growth Officer and Founder, Prav De Silva.

“Creating Brand Demand for Global E-commerce” was the topic in question where we covered key aspects of building brand demand, localised campaigns, customer retention, and international growth.

We emphasised the importance of crafting compelling narratives that resonate across diverse cultures and highlighted the significance of tailored marketing campaigns and authentic storytelling in engaging a global audience and sparking demand. Localised campaigns and capturing big brand moments are crucial in making a mark in the USA market, so by building brand culture through local activations you can foster a sense of loyalty and belonging, driving brand demand and customer engagement.

For customer retention, our experts discussed leveraging email data and CRM. Personalised email communications based on data insights enhances customer experiences, and contributes to long-term relationships and loyalty. Klaviyo is noted not only for their email capabilities but also for providing strategic recommendations for international e-commerce growth. Beyond email, post-purchase reviews and mobile push notifications emerge as effective tools for raising brand awareness in new markets. These avenues encourage user-generated content and engagement, expanding brand reach.

Kookai’s digital advertising strategy showcased its role in new customer growth in Australia and the USA. Balancing retail store expansion with digital investment demonstrates a holistic approach to catering to diverse consumer preferences while maximising brand visibility. We also highlighted the power of influencer outreach and collaborations in the US market in connecting with potential new customers.

The event was insightful and illuminated the path to creating and sustaining brand demand in a rapidly evolving digital world. The Thoughtful Agency look forward to hosting similar events in the future to continue driving innovation and growth in the industry.

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