Four Elements for E-Commerce Growth

how to drive e-commerce customer & revenue growth.

Thoughtful’s Four Elements for Successful E-Commerce Growth

1. Set annual revenue targets

Taking your e-commerce revenue target and breaking it down by northern and southern hemisphere markets is a key first step in your strategy.

At Thoughtful, we segment this across Australia, the USA and the rest of the world.

2. Identify website traffic to reach targets

What are the traffic requirements to reach your revenue targets?

We monitor your monthly website traffic to determine financial modelling and a business case for your digital ad spend and channel activity that will drive growth.

3. Identify current performance gap

There are two key metrics to consider during the revenue growth planning phase.

  • Monthly Baseline Traffic vs Required Traffic
  • Current Monthly Revenue vs Budgeted

These metrics allow brand owners to identify and understand the performance gap between traffic and revenue.

4. Implement Digital Performance Channels

We are then able to provide recommendations on digital performance to achieve revenue targets using these six areas of Thoughtful speciality:

  • Social advertising
  • E-mail marketing/CRM
  • Google AdWords & Shopping
  • Google Affiliate Networks
  • Organic Social Growth
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation