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Welcome to the leading destination for email design services tailored specifically for fashion and lifestyle brands. At The Thoughtful Agency, we understand that in the fast-paced world of fashion, staying connected with your audience through stunning, effective email campaigns is key to nurturing lasting relationships and driving sales. Our bespoke email solutions are crafted to reflect the unique aesthetic and ethos of your brand, ensuring every message resonates deeply with your audience. Whether you’re launching a new collection or promoting an exclusive event, our expert team is here to help you create visually compelling and strategically optimised email campaigns that captivate and convert.

Our Email Design Services

We specialise in creating bespoke email templates that perfectly capture your brand’s unique identity. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to appeal directly to your target audience, ensuring that every email sent is a true reflection of your fashion or lifestyle brand.

Campaign Design and Management

We specialise in creating bespoke email templates that perfectly capture your brand’s unique identity. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to appeal directly to your target audience, ensuring that every email sent is a true reflection of your fashion or lifestyle brand.

Graphic Design Services Tailored for Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Our team offers comprehensive solutions for email campaign management, handling everything from initial concept creation to the final execution. We ensure that each campaign seamlessly integrates with your overall marketing strategy, maintaining consistency across all communications.

Responsive Design

With the majority of emails now opened on mobile devices, it’s crucial that your campaigns look flawless on any screen size. We design responsive emails that maintain their elegance and functionality, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

As a full service eCommerce email marketing agency, we also offer the following services across the world of fashion & lifestyle eCommerce email marketing:

Content Creation

Our graphic designers are well versed in producing compelling and visually attractive content that resonates with your audience. From promotional messages that drive sales to newsletters that inform and engage, we deliver content that captures attention and encourages action.

Email Strategy

Developing a robust email strategy is at the heart of our services. We work closely with you to define clear objectives, identify target audiences, and craft a tailored emailing schedule that aligns with your marketing calendar and business goals.

Klaviyo Email Expertise

Our team includes certified Klaviyo experts who specialise in maximising the potential of this powerful tool for email marketing. We set up and optimise your Klaviyo account to enhance segmentation, automation, and campaign tracking, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.


Great copy is crucial for successful email marketing. Our skilled copywriters develop compelling, brand-aligned content that engages readers, conveys your message effectively, and drives conversions. Whether it’s creating catchy subject lines or persuasive body content, our words are designed to make an impact.

Why Choose Us Thoughtful For Email Marketing Design Services?

Expertise in Fashion and Lifestyle:
Our team is deeply rooted in the fashion and lifestyle sectors, bringing an insider’s perspective that translates into more relevant and effective campaigns. We understand the intricacies of fashion trends and consumer behaviour, ensuring your message resonates with style-conscious audiences.

Results-Driven Designs:
We prioritise designs that are not only visually stunning but also strategically crafted to drive measurable results. Our goal is to enhance engagement, boost conversions, and increase sales, using data-driven methods to refine and optimise each campaign.

Comprehensive Service:
We offer a full spectrum of email marketing services, from strategy development through to execution and ongoing optimization. Our integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your campaign is aligned with your brand’s goals and evolves with the fashion industry’s dynamic landscape.

How Does Email Template Design Services Work With Thoughtful?

At Thoughtful, our email template design services begin with a detailed consultation to deeply understand your brand’s identity and goals. We then develop strategic design mockups tailored to communicate your key messages effectively and resonate with your target audience. Once you’ve selected and refined your preferred design through a collaborative feedback process, we ensure the templates are responsive and incorporate interactive elements for optimal engagement. After rigorous testing on various platforms, the templates are launched and continuously optimised based on performance data. Additionally, we provide thorough training and ongoing support to help you maximise the use of your new email templates. This comprehensive process ensures that our email designs not only look great but also drive real results.

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