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At The Thoughtful Agency, we help fashion & lifestyle brands accelerate their revenue growth online and achieve their business goals. As an eCommerce SEO agency, our expertise lies in providing consultancy across technical SEO, fashion SEO and SEO migrations. From constructing  bespoke SEO strategies based on your brand’s objectives to providing guidance on website architecture upon structural changes, we approach eCommerce SEO the thoughtful way. 

Bespoke SEO Services For eCommerce Websites 

With the rising cost of performance channels, there has never been a more crucial time to ensure your website is up to scratch organically when it comes to customer acquisition and engagement. We understand how SEO should be complimenting other channels your business already has invested in as part of your digital marketing toolbox, not working in isolation. Our holistic cross-channel approach ensures that SEO is considered part of your overall digital marketing strategy to boost online revenue. 

The Thoughtful difference is that we know what works for fashion & lifestyle brands and what it takes to achieve eCommerce success online. We acknowledge that each business has different goals and objectives. We take the time to understand what your brand is about and what you are looking to achieve with SEO. This ensures that we are driving results in areas that matter to your business. 

Premium eCommerce SEO in Australia 

As part of the overall eCommerce SEO services offered by The Thoughtful Agency, these are the different SEO area of SEO we work across:

Honing in on your brand’s unique selling point through a strategic tailored SEO approach is crucial in bringing the right organic visitors who will convert. Our expertise in fashion SEO and working with leading fashion brands puts us in a great position to assist with your brand’s SEO efforts.

Technical SEO

Getting your site up to speed technically ties into one of the core foundational pillars of SEO. If Google cannot crawl or index your site, then your customers won’t be able to either. No matter if you are undergoing website updates or would like some feedback on site architecture, our SEO team will be able to guide you through the technical SEO process. 

Content Marketing

Quality and quantity of content on your website plays an important role in eCommerce SEO. Our copywriting team product SEO optimised content without compromising on your brand’s tone of voice and values. 

Link Building

Boost your site’s authority and trust through quality links from the fashion & lifestyle space. From outeaching to bloggers and websites, crafting content to place externally and reporting on the backlink acquired – we take care of all your link building needs. 

Web Development Services

Your website’s performance is critical when it comes to eCommerce SEO success. Ensuring users are having a great experience is not only a direct ranking factor, but is also important for conversion and sales. Our web development team has extensive experience in designing and optimising websites that consider users first. 

Looking To Accelerate eCommerce SEO Marketing Success? 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing fashion & lifestyle brands succeed online. If you are looking to take your business to the next level with eCommerce SEO, we’d love to see how we can work together. Contact Us via the form and a member of our team will be in touch regarding a Discovery Call and a complimentary eCommerce SEO audit. We can’t wait to hear from you!


An eCommerce SEO Agency specialises in helping online businesses reach their potential online through what matters – driving revenue through the organic channel. Working with an eCommerce SEO agency, ensures that an SEO strategy will be considered based on your individual business needs and goals. 

With the rise of online sales and shopping experiences in recent years, more customers are turning virtually to make purchases. In order to appear in front of your consumer when they search for your products or services, optimising your eCommerce website with best practices is necessary. Although the SEO channel is one that requires ongoing investments and work to see results, optimising your site for SEO is valuable because it is part of your owned channel toolbox. 

eCommerce SEO services help optimise your website to increase the quality and quantity of traffic. As the site becomes more visible on search engines with keyword terms that are relevant to your business, this leads to more people visiting the site and the opportunity to increase sales. 

When it comes to optimising SEO updates to any eCommerce website, this will vary on a case by case situation depending on what each website needs.  An eCommerce SEO strategy will be dependent on a number of factors, including the site’s current technical set up, amount of SEO optimised content as well as link authority. 

We offer tailored eCommerce SEO packages based on your fashion & lifestyle brand’s business goals. As the nature of SEO is long term and sustainable in comparison with paid channels, ongoing work on the site with regular monitoring and check ins is required. Due to this, The Thoughtful Agency offers a minimal 6 month SEO agreement with an option to renew once the contract period ends.

Contact us today for a complimentary eCommerce SEO audit and Discovery Call. If your fashion & lifestyle label’s objective aligns, our expert SEO Consultants will put together an audit deck to identify areas of your site where organic improvements can be made across technical, content and link building.

We know what it takes for fashion & lifestyle eCommerce brands to win online. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to eCommerce SEO but know that a bespoke strategy is essential. We take the time to understand your business objectives and areas of focus and then pull together a strategy that helps your brand achieve success in areas that matter the most. 


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