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The Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency For Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable commodities in the world. When it comes to email marketing, utilising a powerful segmentation platform like Klaviyo, allows businesses to tap into consumer data to engage with users through various touch points of the customer journey. Working with a Klaviyo marketing agency like the Thoughtful Agency can be can be incredibly powerful in deepening customer relationships and increasing sales via the direct marketing channel. 

Why Klaviyo? 

The Klaviyo email marketing platform seamlessly integrates data across your brand’s CMS dashboard to provide real time insights on your customers. This allows you as a business to effectively meet your customers where they are on the purchasing journey. After all, a successful email marketing campaign is all about delivering the right and tailored message to the audience at the right time. Klaviyo helps businesses engage with consumers based on how they interact with the brand, sending recommendations automatically based on past purchases to emails incentivising the recovery of abandoned carts.

Working With The Thoughtful Agency As Your Partner Klaviyo Marketing Agency

No matter if you are looking to get started with Klaviyo or looking to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level, a Klaviyo email marketing agency like The Thoughtful Agency can help! We are a preferred Klaviyo agency partner, meaning we understand the in and outs of how the platform works. Our expertise lies in assisting fashion & lifestyle brands with nurturing and building stronger relationships with their customers and as a result driving revenue growth via the platform. 

Our Klaviyo email marketing services range from tailoring a bespoke Klaviyo strategy based on your existing account to implementing a comprehensive email eCommerce strategy which looks after the whole set up – from email design, copywriting and deployment.

A Klaviyo Marketing Agency That Works As An Extension Of Your Brand 

At The Thoughtful Agency, we pride ourselves as being an extension of our client’s teams. We work closely with fashion & lifestyle brands to understand your company, your customers and your business goals to provide carefully considered Klaviyo email growth plans. So, we can ensure that we are delivering results that align with what is important to your business.

What Insights & Data Do We Draw About Your Customers From Klaviyo For Email Marketing Performance? 

Combining Klaviyo Database With Your Paid Social Media Strategy

In today’s day and age, digital marketing channels need to be working together to drive revenue success. Leverage your Klaviyo database alongside your paid social media strategy to create powerful and personalised ads amongst your warm audiences.  

Personalisation & Segmentation 

Tailoring your messaging and content to users based on their individual interests, needs and behaviours is the foundation of an effective email marketing strategy. Using Klaviyo’s wealth of real time data, speak to your customers in a way that will resonate with them. 

Shopping Behaviour & Purchase Frequency 

Klaviyo is able to provide insights on the behaviours of your customers – those who haven’t purchased in a year? Hit them with a win back campaign and a discount code. Those who only purchase products on sale? Let them know whenever there is a sale coming up! Access to the shopping behaviour of your customers allows you to drive more effective campaigns based on personalisation. 

Ready to grow your Klaviyo email marketing success? 

Our mission is to see fashion & lifestyle ecommerce brands thrive online. When our clients win, we win. Contact us by filling out the contact form to see what our Klaviyo email marketing agency can do with you. A member of our team will then be in touch for a complimentary Discovery Session – we look forward to hearing from you!


A Klaviyo email marketing agency works with eCommerce businesses via the Klaviyo platform to execute successful email marketing campaigns and strategies that achieve business goals. 

As a full service eCommerce email marketing agency & a Klaviyo Preferred Partner Agency, The Thoughtful Agency provides a sweep of services as part of Klaviyo email marketing offering. From email strategy and audits to design and creative, our expert Klaviyo team has a track record of success in delivering high performing email marketing campaigns as preferred Klaviyo agency partners. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say via the case studies page. 

We help fashion & lifestyle brands scale their eCommerce email marketing and we love seeing businesses reach their potential online. At The Thoughtful Agency, we approach Klaviyo email marketing with a custom strategy and take the time to understand your brand and consumers to pull together a bespoke plan. If you are interested in seeing how we can work together, please reach out via the Contact Us page

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