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Thoughtful hosted it’s very first “Thoughtful Minds Connect” event at Ace Hotel Sydney. The event brought together the brightest minds of e-commerce alongside industry leaders for a series of keynote presentations, panels, networking and collaboration focussed on global e-commerce growth.

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Our expertise lies in scaling e‑commerce business models through data, technology, digital advertising and brand performance for market-leading fashion and lifestyle brands.

Thoughtful deploys the latest data, trends and tactics to help brands realise their full potential through e-commerce growth.

We work closely with brand owners, boards, shareholders and heads of digital to define revenue targets, set KPIs for performance channels and design a digital road map that includes acquisition and retention strategy.

With the agreement of all stakeholders, Thoughtful executes this strategy across performance marketing channels, using a data-first approach that understands a customer’s purchase behaviour. These insights can then help to personalise the different stages of the consumer’s journey with your brand.

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Social advertising is a powerful tool to showcase your brand to new consumers and retain existing customers. As a Facebook/Meta Agency partner, Thoughtful is your trusted advocate for all things social.

Our social ad strategy is designed to meet your business objectives and key KPIs of monthly sessions, ROI, last-click ROI, retention and new customer acquisitions. We achieve this by executing a full funnel campaign optimisation for your brand.

A core focus of our optimisation is improving the brand experience through ad creative and audience targeting via first party data at each stage of the funnel.

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As Google Partners our Google PPC (Pay Per Click) team works closely with paid social channel leads to develop a PPC plan that aligns with your brand’s performance marketing strategy.

To ensure exceptional results, we capture consumer search intent with targeted campaigns covering branded search, non-branded search, shopping campaigns, display and YouTube search.

Our Google PPC team then executes on campaign management and optimisation, while also sharing insights with your team on the growing capabilities of this channel.

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As a valued Klaviyo partner, Thoughtful provides tailored email/CRM consultancy to clients, with a focus on segmentation, creation of flows and automation and best practice Klaviyo account set-up.

The Thoughtful Agency is featured alongside world-leading agencies in the Klaviyo partner directory and recognised globally for our work as a gold level partner. We work in close consultation with brands to align email marketing opportunities with the most suitable product offerings.

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A brand’s digital touchpoints are its strongest branding opportunity. Thoughtful offers a holistic digital design service that includes social ad design, conversion-focused EDM design, website UX, Shopify Theme design and a complete digital branding refresh.

We work closely with all stakeholders to develop a clear and cohesive vision, while also conducting a detailed audit of existing brand platforms to inform the design plan.

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From minor customisations to full website builds, Thoughtful’s in-house developers are experts in developing both the front and back end of your digital presence.

We specialise in Shopify e-commerce and WordPress CMS builds, theme modifications and additions, including UX audits and implementation, integrations and plugin configuration. We assign a developer as your point-of-contact throughout the process to guarantee consistency of service.

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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing channel wherein digital marketers pay their publisher partners based on performance. This activity is proven to drive strong brand awareness by ensuring shoppers are engaged throughout the sales funnel.

Thoughtful is a Rakuten Platinum Agency partner, and the first in the Asia-Pacific region. We are ideally positioned to build a global affiliate marketing growth strategy for your brand.

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The Thoughtful Agencies First Party Data analysis offers a comprehensive analysis of businesses’ proprietary data from in-store and ecommerce sales. By aggregating and analyzing this data, including Recency, Frequency, and Monetization (RFM), valuable insights are gained to inform commercial digital strategies. The solution enables the creation of targeted campaigns for customer loyalty and retention, utilizing data-driven decision-making and personalized communications. Through the analysis, businesses receive strategic recommendations on increasing customer retention and revenue, improving the customer experience, and adopting a data-driven approach to decision making. The solution aims to unlock the full potential of proprietary data, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and drive success and growth.

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As an eCommerce SEO agency, we specialise in helping fashion brands improve and scale their organic non-branded search presence across content creation, technical site health and off-site authority building. 

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Our Partners

Our Partners

We love our clients.

We love our clients.

And our results say it all.

While every client is unique, we consistently exceed expectations.

“FAITHFULL THE BRAND engaged with The Thoughtful Agency to refine our digital advertising strategy. Thoughtful has since been the driving force behind our targeted ad strategy, email/CRM and affiliate marketing for the past two years. They have assisted us in navigating the balance between our underlying importance on brand DNA whilst steering our strategic revenue growth.”


“Our partnership with The Thoughtful Agency functions more as an extension of our team. Thoughtful play a key role in influencing the growth culture of our business beyond just performance marketing. They have a genuine interest in the development of all of our channels”


Since moving Ksubi to the Thoughtful agency 18 months ago we have seen significant online growth. Thoughtful has successfully married our raw content with their processes around digital performance advertising to give us clear transparent results. We continue to develop new channels and strategies to exceed market performance and expand Ksubi’s global ecommerce business.


Thoughtful is more than just an agency, the team’s perspective to build strategies to implement within our digital marketing is beyond what anyone else has done before. Thoughtful continues to add growth to our ever evolving business


The people

that make us thoughtful.

Thoughtful are a team of strategists, creative thinkers and digital e‑commerce experts based in Sydney, Australia.

Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful Minds

A candid conversation with Ksubi’s CEO Craig King about the brand’s evolution from Australian favourite to international fame.

Our latest thoughts.

An Industry Leading eCommerce Performance Agency: The Thoughtful Approach To Fashion & Lifestyle eCommerce Digital Marketing 

We are a performance-based digital marketing agency specialising in accelerating eCommerce revenue growth with a holistic and integrated approach. We understand that digital marketing channels should be working together for optimal performance. Not in isolation. Our expert team of deep thinkers, creative minds and digital marketers use data-informed insights to deliver tailored digital strategies that help fashion & lifestyle brands achieve outstanding revenue results online.

Your Fashion & Lifestyle Digital Marketing Agency Partner 

We aren’t just a typical digital performance marketing agency. Think of us as an extension of your business’s team. We work closely with fashion & lifestyle brands to align on business objectives and revenue targets on tailored and carefully thought-out digital growth plans. So, we can make sure that we are delivering results that are in sync with what matters to your brand. We engage in comprehensive market research on your target audiences to find different ways to engage with them throughout all stages of the customer journey.

How We Do It 

As a leading digital marketing agency for fashion & lifestyle brands, our expertise lies in scaling eCommerce businesses online through the lens of data across digital advertising, content marketing and brand performance. We do that by working across a range of channels and approaching digital performance through cross-channel integration. After all, we recognise that consumers require multiple touchpoints with a brand to convert. Throughout every touch point, we ensure your story is being told in a way that resonates with the consumer. In today’s evolving data-focused and ever-changing landscape, the implementation of an omnichannel strategy has never been more essential. We work across these channels:

  • eCommerce SEO Services

Our SEO team investigates technical site health, link acquisition, and content strategy to present a comprehensive organic search strategy that identifies the greatest areas of opportunities to boost your organic presence.

  • PPC Services 

Whether it be driving brand awareness through Instagram or TikTok ads or targeting people on Google for a product they are looking for, our PPC team helps your brand be front and centre when people are browsing the web and have expressed an interest in your brand’s products.

  • Paid Social Services 

Leverage your fashion & lifestyle brands’ amazing creatives to drive engagement and storytelling across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

  • Google Ads Services 

Appear in top positions and drive instant traffic on the most popular Search Engine in the world. Our Google Ads team helps capture high intent traffic that converts and purchases.

  • UX & CRO Optimisation 

Your website is like your digital storefront. If users don’t have a pleasant browsing experience, driving traffic to your site through your digital marketing efforts will be near obsolete. Our UX team studies data and the behaviour of users on your website to analyse and provide suggestions on the way your site is set up with it comes to usability and design.

  • Email Marketing 

As a marketing channel that allows you to reach your consumers directly, email marketing is a great way to nurture brand loyalty and keep people engaged between purchases. We are a trusted Klaviyo Agency Partner and know the ins and outs of how to grow, engage and perform effective email marketing.

  • Web Development

Your website tells the story of your brand. It should be visually appealing, capturing your brand’s essence, and provide users with an enjoyable browsing experience where they can seamlessly navigate from browsing to checkout. Our Web Developers can help design a site that combines all of these elements.

The Affiliate platform is effective at driving brand awareness, keeping shoppers engaged throughout the sales funnel, and most importantly increasing online sales. Our affiliate team has extensive relationships with key lifestyle companies & businesses so you can get your brand in front of broader relevant audiences and the best part? You only pay when the channel performs.

See What Our Clients Have To Say  

We understand the fashion & lifestyle industry and know what it takes for brands to stand out and stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive space. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say and the case studies on how we have helped some brands

Looking for an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency to grow with? 

Our mission is to help fashion & lifestyle brands reach their potential online. And we love doing it. If that is something you are interested in, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us and a member of our team will reach out for a complimentary Discovery Call.


  • What is digital performance marketing & what does a Performance eCommerce Agency do? 

Performance-based digital marketing is a form of paid digital advertising that focuses on one thing. Growing revenue and results. A performance eCommerce agency specialises in working with brands to boost revenue through digital advertising.

  • What is an eCommerce marketing agency?

An eCommerce marketing agency hones in on working exclusively with websites that sell products online and have an objective to generate revenue as a primary goal.

  • How much should I pay an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency?

How much a business should spend on eCommerce digital marketing will be a case-by-case scenario, differing based on each brand’s budgets, priorities and objectives. In order for us to provide a scope of work quote, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

  • Why should I choose The Thoughtful Agency as my Fashion & eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency

We believe in the thoughtful approach to eCommerce digital marketing. This means that we take time to customise a bespoke strategy based on your fashion & lifestyle brands’ unique selling proposition and business goals. We love working with our clients and our clients love working with us. Check out our case studies and let the results speak for themselves.

  • What digital marketing services does The Thoughtful Agency offer as a Performance Digital Marketing agency

At The Thoughtful Agency, we offer a range of in house services such as PPC, TikTok Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Email Marketing, Web Development, Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce SEO. Our team of digital marketers strategise and work across different channels to put together a holistic revenue growth plan to ensure all channels are working together to boost performance.

  • How can my fashion & lifestyle brand work with The Thoughtful Agency?

We’d love to learn more about your business and how we can help. Contact Us here and a member of our team will be in touch for a Discovery Session.

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